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Blossom Meets Passion

“The concept of the artwork is based on nature, life, and joy. It isn't much about individual species, but the overall composition and what it makes us feel. Like birds singing in the morning, saying it's a new day, saying that life is everywhere, like spring announcing its promise of a new life.
My goal is to make the whole vintage series like this.”

  • Electric Kettles

  • 2-slice Toaster

  • Kettle and Toaster Set

  • Slow Juicer

  • Milk Frother

  • Behind the Scenes

    Discover the mass production process behind the exquisite art piece for the Upbeat collection by Eduardo Recife.
    The pasting work for a kettle and a toaster requires more than 6 hours and 10 hours of manual labor, respectively.
    From pre-washing the appliance to sticking the artwork and baking the appliance, craftsmanship happens when every detail is treated with rigor.
    Produced on an industrial scale through an artistic decoration reproduction process, these vintage luxury appliances for everyday use exude enchantment from the artist's whimsical design.

    Our Mission

    Hazel Quinn devotes itself to designing premium vintage kitchen appliances that deliver high aesthetic value, pleasant user experience, and passion for good food to customers worldwide whose dietary requirements can be perfectly met.

    New Release

    Get your hands on our new Exuberant collection representing unmistakable technology and ingenious Italian creativity.

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    A New Burst of Inspiration

    Hazel Quinn and Eduardo Recife have teamed up again to create a brand-new Renaissance-themed collection Exuberant after our first successful collaboration for Upbeat Series, bringing a fabulous visual feast of freedom, female power and mystery to your countertop. With poetic elements and a vintage matte finish, unexpected glamour is in every detail of this statement piece.