Hazel Quinn New 5-in-1 Electric Milk Frother

Hazel Quinn New 5-in-1 Electric Milk Frother

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    We love to see this little daily luxury in your kitchen because of its silky, tight foam, better ability to prepare hot chocolate, ease of cleaning, and pleasant addition to the retro atmosphere that will capture your heart.

    Consumers have long wanted to enjoy both regular coffee and coffeehouse-style drinks at home, but many have been prevented from doing so by the wrong milk frother that produces a bad foam texture, multi-step preparation, and messy cleaning. The launch of our first 5-in-1 electric milk frother solves these problems and represents a new high point in our performance. The creaminess and lightness you get from it are what make your coffee so delectable, and when you add some hot chocolate or oats to the mix, it takes the drink to a whole other level. Moreover, its humanized design just makes every single use pure enjoyment.

    Perfect Froth

    To provide uniform speed whipping of creamy froth, the Hazel Quinn milk frother's program utilizes multiple gears and variable speed control. It only takes a few minutes to make cafe-quality milk foam at home for your coffee-based morning brew, afternoon tea, and gourmet supper. Fast, simple, and velvety!

    Unique Italian Design Patent

    The sleek exterior and soft lines of our patented Italian-style milk frother radiate joy just by looking at it. Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, the milk jug is safe to use and smooth to the touch, and the drip-free spout is precise to pour. Moreover, thanks to its large capacity, it has a maximum volume of 400 ml for heating and 250 ml for whipping. The scale lines inside can also be used for measuring liquids, milk, or cream. Time to add some classic flair and a cozy ambiance of milky white color to your kitchen.

    Easy-to-Use, Hygienically-Designed Structure

    Improve your operational efficiency with our humanization design! The magnetic base for connecting the jug ensures stable application and transmission of power. It adopts a round, 360-degree rotatable plate so that the user can easily put the jug back without alignment.

    The separation of the jug and power base easily realizes your simple cleaning. Under the premise that the water temperature does not exceed 65 degrees, the jug can be cleaned directly under the tap, immersed in the water, or put into the dishwasher.

    Magnetic Whisk and Whisk Protector

    The Hazel Quinn milk frother features a whisk for frothing milk at high speed. The whisk protector is used when mixing chocolate, oatmeal, protein powder, and granular goods to realize different use scenarios. Create effortless excellence and experience more feel-good moments at home like no other.

    Five Practical Functions

    Expand your coffee possibilities with five key modes, including hot milk with dense froth, hot milk with light froth, cold milk with froth, and hot chocolate. Customize the foam to perfectly top off your cappuccino, hot chocolate, iced latte, and more at the touch of a button thanks to the illustrated operation interface with a digital display of temperature. Moreover, it could also be used under the condition of the hot chocolate mode to froth oat, matcha, almond, and soy milk. Stirring it slowly for better zest.

    Boil-Dry and Double Protection

    The product will automatically shut off when there is a lack of water inside the jug or when the temperature is too high. Two thermal fuses are placed at the bottom of the base to prevent the risk of fire or electric shock due to abnormalities in the appliance.

    The surface of the base is equipped with a switch contact. When the jug is lifted or tilted without touching the switch, the appliance automatically cuts off the power to ensure the safety of use. All the electronic and heating devices are skillfully placed in the sealed base, so liquid will not seep inside the base during use.

    65 dB Quiet Operation

    We reduce the noise output to 65 dB, allowing for preparation at any time of day in a quiet and comfortable manner.

    Key Specification